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System Features

So you have decided on a phone system, how you will pay for the system, now to see the benefits which having a phone system will bring to your business.


Music On Hold – Bespoke or normal.

This sometimes gets over looked.  But just think, it’s a perfect time to advertise other services to which you can provide to your customers.  Even better, it’s free of charge and offered as part of many phone systems.


Auto Attendant – This is where the called selects one, two three etc to speak to various departments.  This will help your customers get thought to the person they need quicker and more efficient. Saving time for your staff and customers


12 Key or 24 Key handsets – how many buttons do you really need on each phone, remember don’t spend unnecessarily.


DECT Phone – These are digital phone, it’s what most people would recognise as a cordless, but on a Phone system DECT stands for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication”.  These can be good if your team are not permanently behind a desk.


Base Station’s – Do you need to walk from one end of a warehouse or building and not loose signal on your DECT phone? If so, have someone come and check the distance you want to cover, this is done via site survey.


Wireless Headsets – Do you have members of you team constantly on the phone, who may require a wireless headset? If so, look at Plantronics or Jabra who offer just about any type of wireless headset you could need.


Telephone Lifter – Do you want your Wireless headset to be able to lift their receive whilst your away from the desk, this can be done with a handset lifter, again Plantronic offer a combined package for this.


Voicemail – A number of businesses expect voicemail to come as standard with a system, sometime it doesn’t, check with your service provider if the telephone system comes with voicemail.

Remote worker, this enables you to connect a phone via the internet anywhere in the world and be linked to your phone system.  Perfect for people working from other sites or at home while given the impression that they are in the main office.


CAT5 Cabling – A new system may require new cabling, are you moving the office round, does it have CAT5 cabling already installed? Make sure the person installing your telephone system has considered if your existing infrastructure will support your new phone system.


If you’d like to see how L A Comms can help your business telephone system requirements, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 0800 612 612 9, even if you only want advice, we are happy to help.


Alternatively see if any of our listed systems would suit your business:  https://www.lacomms.com/telephone-systems.html