Samsung Telephone System – Programming

Samsung Officserv 7100

When considering a new telephone system customers can sometimes become overwhelmed by the various different Samsung Officserv models.

We understand that trying to decipher if your business requires an entry level Samsung 7030 or should future proof itself by investing in a enterprise system like the OS7100 is difficult. These decisions are crucial to businesses as they expect their business telephone systems to stay in service for between  5 and 10 years, providing they are maintained correctly.

Our expert trained Samsung engineers have years of experience with the OfficeServ range, therefore our Account Management Team and technical support staff are an excellent combination for any business wanting understanding what can be achieved from a Samsung 7100 phone system.

Programming and Configuration

Often one part of choosing a new commercial phone system which can be overlooked, is the preparation of how the system should be programmed. This is where the Account Management Team and customer need to spend time understanding how hunt groups, auto attendants and specific digital extensions are to be configured. This stage of the process must be done correctly and due consideration is given by both the customer and Telecoms Service Provider.

Samsung OfficeServ Handsets

Once the programming and configuration of the Samsung Telephone system has been completed, the next step for our engineering team is to provide training to the customer on how to use the Officeserv handsets, to which there is a full range of options.

Samsung Handset DS-5038
Samsung OfficeServ Handset options

Starting with the Samsung flagship handset DS-5007S, however some business may want a better looking cosmetic handsets such as this  Samsung smt-i5243, which provides a colour screen, digital display and 99 hotkeys for ease of use.

L A Comms can provide any DS5014, DS5038,  DS5021 handset from the OfficeServ range, 

the only limiting element is the budget allocated for the Samsung Phone System, however L A Comms will always beat any genuine like for like quotation.

Maintenance of Samsung OS7100

Once your new telephone system is installed, like with any product, Samsung provide a manual for businesses to use, however due to the technical nature of the OfficeServ Samsung 7000 range, it is probably better to have your Samsung 7100 maintained by our Samsung accredited engineers.

Investing In SIP Trunking

A final consideration for your Phone System is what type of connectivity you would like to for making and receiving phone calls. As many businesses are now aware, ISDN2e is due to be discontinued in 2025 as BT/Openreach are striving to move businesses away from traditional copper phone lines onto their IP platform, which has only been made possible due to the improvements made around business broadband bandwidth in the past 7 years.

Some business are obviously concerned that this will impact negatively on their business, as they are currently using ISDN phone lines, however for a relatively low cost, business can update their existing telephone system to support SIP Trunking.

It is therefore prudent for any company who is investing in a new telephone system for their business, that consideration is given to their existing connectivity and where possible make the change to SIP Trunking.

L A Comms is in a unique position of been able to offer SIP trunking completely free as a trial, allowing customers to use the new technology without having to commit or invest in the product. This combination of a free SIP Trunking trial and the Samsung OfficeServ, leaves customers with absolute confidence that they do not need to commit to the product until they have used it, ensuring peace of mind that we stand by the reliability and connectivity we provide.

If you would like any further information or help with any of the products or services mentioned in our post, please feel free to contact our dedicated system specialists on 0800 612612 9