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Ofcom Changes to Non-geographic Numbers

Following news feed issued in May last year ‘Business Communications – The Benefit of NTS/Inbound Numbers, ofcom have announced the biggest change to non geographic numbers since 2008.  The changes are to go head on the 1st July 2015


The good news is it will be crystal clear for the end-user to know how much it will cost before making the call.  This is due to one of the changes been any 08/09 advertised numbers must clearly show the cost of the pence per minute.


Another change which again is fantastic news to the mobile phone user is; 0800 numbers will now be free to call.  Currently bolt-on’s can be added to your contract for 0800 numbers to come off your free minute allocation. This will benefit pay-as-you-go customers and rolling contracts as not many people add on these features giving them free calls.


The changes are designed to restore consumer confidence by simplifying charges for calling 08/09 and 118 numbers.


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