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L A Comms; NEC Accredited

We have gone the extra mile again…..L A Comms are now NEC accredited.  Not only the engineers but our sales staff too.


We believe our sales team need to know the product they are selling in more detail rather than just the sales techniques.


This will give our customers trust in us that the product we are selling is the right one for them and their business.


Would you like quotation for a NEC phone system? Don’t be scared of asking, we make sure we tailor make NEC phone system to the individual needs, this means you will not be paying over the odds for a NEC phone system you do not need.  It is worth noting though, you should leave room to expand; you do not want to buy a new NEC phone system and not be able to add additional lines or extensions if your business grows.


Been there and done that? Stuck in a long term lease – do not worry, if you like we can offer cash purchases meaning you own the system from day one at one cost.


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Please call 08447 767 564 for a free consultation with our NEC accredited team.