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How much better can the service be? Do we need it?

Most businesses out there are not bothered about anything else but the cost. Saving money, cost reductions and so on, we like saving our customers money, but customer service is the priority.


It might only be a few pounds, but what happens if you have a billing issue or a simple question to ask?  Are you on hold for 30 to 40 minutes been passed around a call centre until somebody wants to speak to you?


The next question from me is, how much do you charge for your hourly rate?  If you charge £100 per hour, you have lost £45 just for that one call.


With L A Comms, the benefits starts with your own personnel account manager.  One person to deal with any issues which may arise. Might be a big one, or just a small one; but we are always with you to support you.


Chinese whispers?  Never works out dose it!  You don’t want to tell the story of a current issue over and over again.  With L A Comms, you tell the account manager the issue; and you can trust they will resolves the issue leaving you to carry on running your business.


Even a fault, our 24/7 account managers are there to support you if a fault occurred.  One call to them, the fault gets logged, a line test is done then, if needed your calls are diverted and they attend site to try and keep the down time to a minimum.


If you have an issue with you telephone line on a Saturday morning, which stops your business taking card payments, we don’t expect you to wait until Monday to fix the problem, you Account Manager will be at hand to help.


They not call 08447 767 564 and see how L A Comms can help you and your business?