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Get more from your business phone line continued…

‘Get more from your business phone line’ was a news feed publish on the 11th October outlining the benefits of call diversion. There are many features which you can add to your business phone line, which you will find useful and cost effective for your business.

Below we have listed a few which you might not have been aware of:

· Remote Call Diversion

Remote call diversion works the same as normal call diversion, with the added benefit of not having to be on site to apply the call diversion.

This enables you to apply the call diversion when away from the office, for example if you were running late or had to call in to one of your clients and wanted to divert your calls to another office or mobile.

· Call Waiting

Call waiting is perfect if you have a high number of calls and only have one phone line. This will let you know when another call is coming in; giving you the option to terminate your current call and answer the new call.

· Choose To Refuse

Had enough of them nuisance phone calls? With choose to refuse you can add numbers to a list which will no longer be able to call you saving you from answering them annoying calls.

These are just a few features you can add to your business phone line from £1.50 per month. Interested in more information? If you are a customer of ours, we will be able to add these features within 30 minutes.

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