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Get more from your business phone line

What is Call Diversion?


Call Diversion lets you divert your calls to any UK phone, including your mobile. What you may not know is it can also divert your calls when busy or not answered.

It is simple to order this feature by contacting your telecoms provider.  L A Comms offers this service with their business line rental at 50% of the cost in comparison to BT.


Call diversion can be very helpful in the SME market.  Giving you the capability of diverting your business line over the weekends or when you leave at night ensuring you don’t miss any of your customers’ calls.


Also, this can be very useful if you find customers say they cannot get though to your business phone line as the phone is engaged, you can apply the ‘divert when busy’ to a second phone line or mobile.  This eliminates the cost of a multi line or ISDN, until you think it is time to have additional lines installed.  Please see the recent news feed ‘Business Multi-line – The step before ISDN2?’


But you must remember, as the calls are diverted from your business phone line, you will get charged for the diverted calls.  So if you have it diverted to a mobile, you will be charged for a mobile call at your normal rate.


How to divert your business phone line


1.       Diverting your calls * code * (See below)


2.       Phone number to divert to, then #


Switching off divert


·         # code # (Same as previous code)




·         21 divert all calls

·         61 divert calls you don’t answer within 15 seconds

·         67 divert calls when your phone is engaged