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Do you Lease or Buy your PBX / NEC Telephone System?

Its often a controversial topic the debate between leasing and buying a NEC Telephone System, but each business is different and should therefore consider the pro’s and con’s behind each option.


If your business is well established and making considerable net profit each year, offsetting your co-operation tax against your monthly Leasing cost probably seems like an attractive proposition.


It enables you reduce your capital outlay for the NEC Telephone System and also ensures that any previous leasing can be consolidated within your new agreement.


Companies often look to replace their existing telephone system every four to eight years, depending on their business requirements and how they have evolved.



However, does leasing a NEC Telephone System meet the requirement of a smaller business?


This is all subject to their position on capital expenditure, as a small company or start up, the outlay for a new NEC or Samsung Telephone System may be a bit daunting, however once bought, they do not need to worry about the recurring monthly overhead, or interest charge accrued as a result of finance.


If a company is going to require a new NEC SL1100 with auto attendant, remote workers, built in voicemail, which will be services on an ISDN (Digital Line) then it may be better to spread the cost of such a requirement over a period of 4-5 years, thus taking the cost out of their ongoing profit, rather than tying up all their working capital.


On the same token, if a company is simply needing two of three handsets on a Samsung 8100 Officeserv, then their position is slightly different, as the cost will be less, thus impacting cash flow less.


So in short, it is not the provider who can make the decision on your business solution, as both options have drawbacks and benefits, but as a business communications provider, we would advise speaking to your account and considering both options prior to making a decision.


Once that decision is made, we would be more than happy to support you company or its business telephone lines and Telephone system requirements.


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