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BT Customers in for another shock.

It only feels like two minutes ago BT announced a price increase for paper billing and non direct debiting customers, unfortunately again for BT customers the prices are on the up.


From 1st December BT is increasing the cost of its business phone landline again – meaning the landline alone will cost over £200 a year.


Now a lot of long term BT customers have sat and watched their phone line bills increase year on year, but not done anything about it.  This is mainly due to people not understanding how other companies can offer a cheaper line rental; others just like ‘knowing who they are with’.


If you are in this category, and want to save yourself a small fortune then you need to find the time to read the news feed published a few months ago ‘British Telecom (BT) Vs L A Comms Ltd’ this might be able to answer some unanswered questions that you may have.


The fact is you are not actually moving anything, it’s the same physical line, same infrastructure, same openreach engineers who service faults, the only difference is the ownership of the Telephone Lines transfers to L A Comms, allowing us to pass your business a saving from our reduced charges.


So know you could possibly be thinking ‘well who is L A Comms?’


We are a business communications company which has been going for over 5 years; we have an impressive list of happy customers.  We believe price is forgotten, long after service is remembered. Unlike many other companies, our business is able to tailor to your individual needs, ensuring a strong and reliable working partnership for years to come.


With that in mind, you will receive from L A Comms:


1.       A dedicated account manager available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

2.       A cost reduction on line rental.

3.       And also cost reductions on all call charges.


What more could you want?


Well, there is one more, which a lot of customers feels makes L A Comms stand out from the crowd. We keep it simple.  There is really no need to complicate your business communications.  It’s a long wire with a phone on the end of it.  Let us worry about the other bits which makes it work.


To book an appointment with one of our field based account managers call 08447 767 564.  We will keep things simple, save you money and give you and your business the support it needs.