What is SIP Trunking?

Session Initiation Protocol or SIP Trunking allows a business to make a call from an IP address rather than a traditional phone line. This saves you from needing multiple separate phone lines, cutting costs and maximising efficiency.

What are the business benefits of SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking provides a considerable amount of flexibility in comparison to traditional telephony. It allows you to market your business locally across the UK, you can keep your numbers if you move locations or offices, or even temporarily divert calls in the case of an emergency. It also cuts out the costs of international calls.

It allows for easy manipulation of outgoing numbers, for example if you are based in Blackburn, the number can be changed to make it appear as a Leeds telephone number. This is applicable no matter where the user’s location.

SIP trunking also has organisational benefits. It allows you to combine all of your online communications, including video conferencing, messaging, emailing or leaving voicemails, into one manageable strategy.

The nature of a SIP trunking systems means that it is easy to scale up or down, to change and transform with your business. This is extremely useful to companies expecting growth or preparing for a downsize. Trunks can easily be added or removed from a system, depending on the demand and requirements.

Is SIP Trunking safe to use?

Many companies have been wary of the security of SIP systems, in fear of hacking or fraud. However, L A Comms are dedicated to providing secure and safe call solutions for your business. We provide our customers with reasonable pricing and constant access to a jargon-free customer support service.

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