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Reseller - RevShare - Selling Our Product
Reseller - RevShare - Selling Our Product
Reseller - RevShare - Selling Our Product
Reseller - RevShare - Selling Our Product

Telecoms Reseller - Rev Share

Once you have become an accredited partner of L A Comms, your business will have access to our pricing guide. This will allow your business to promote our products under our brand. After you have introduced customers to us, we will provide all customer support, provisioning, billing etc. allowing your business and its resources to remain focused on selling. Each month you will receive a payment for the customers which have joined the L A Comms Partner Programme. This will be a combination of an upfront one-off payment and recurring revenue share.

This type of partnership would suit businesses who want:-
  • Not to invoice their own customers
  • Grow an ongoing recurring revenue stream
  • L A Comms to look after the customer
  • To not promote their own brand

We provide all the paperwork and contracts between us and our customers. You will be allocated a Partner Manager who will be available 24/7 and will also attend site for the first few weeks if you feel that would help.

We provide your business with the following:
  • Phone number
  • Fax 2 email number
  • Email address
  • Business cards
  • Dedicated partner manager

There is no set-up charge for becoming an L A Comms Reseller

If you are considering joining our partner programme, or simply want to discuss the options in further detail, call us today.

make the change today call: 0800 612 612 9

If you are considering selling your telecoms business and would like to speak to us for a consultation in total confidence,call 0800 612 612 9