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Transferring Business Telephone Lines
19 Jun 2014 | 17:24

Transferring Business Telephone Lines


When we schedule monthly training with our sales team, we ask the main objection they face when attending customer appointments.


Unsurprisingly our sales executives often explain customers tell them “We cannot be bothered with the hassle of changing our Telephone lines”


This is understandable as we all fear disruption and subconsciously we all shy away from change, sometime it’s considered easier just keep paying over the odds for the services we receive.


But the reason we invest time every month into our sales staff, is not particularly to improve their sales ability, although this is important, but it is actually to ensure they understand the process of a customer changing their telecoms provider.


As we all know, BT currently own the lions share of the market place, so what if you were to be told, the only difference between BT and changing to L A Comms is the “ownership” of your Business phone Line?


Unless you are moving to VOIP, SIP or putting a new Broadband connection on the telephone line, there is absolutely no physical difference between having your phone lines through L A Comms or BT.


So at this point I imagine your thinking of all the horror stories you have heard about changing providers and how phone lines stopped working etc etc.


Here’s why, that company either agreed to allow their business telephone line to be transferred to VOIP, SIP or somehow chose to take their telephone line away from the BT openreach infrastructure.


If you currently have a BT telephone line, or moved from BT to another telecoms provider, the likelihood your services still run through the Bt Openreach infrastructure, the only difference is the logo on the telephone bill.


What’s this mean? – It means if you choose a telecoms provider who is direct) with Openreach (like L A Comms and is not connecting through a third party and they are prudent enough to check what features you are currently using, thus ensuring everything continues business as usual, then there is absolutely no physical difference between using BT.


Why should we bother risking it? – There are numerous benefits to having your business telephone lines though L A Comms, as we can provide a number of testimonials upon request to corroborate the level of service we provide. 


Consider a telecoms provider with no call centre, no waiting days for a response, no repeating yourself to different agents, only call again the following day, no false promises. Etc etc...


You call you L A Comms Account Manager, who is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, tell them the issue, they will then take ownership of the issue and give you timely update that same day.



Its only pence, it hardly worth looking at! – Really?!


Connection Costs - Have you taken a moment to sit down and look at the finer detail of your telecoms contract? We never fail to be surprised how many business are currently getting charges, 5 to 10 pence connections costs just from ringing a mobile.


Round up your calls - Many telecoms providers round calls up to the nearest minute. Therefore you ring a member of staff everyday, who is field based, and maybe you only get their voicemail.... that’s a 5p connection charge + its then rounded up to 1 minute, despite only listening to 2 seconds of their voicemail. Its can really add up over the period of a month, however not if your with L A Comms, per second billing and no connection costs come as standard.


Paper bill charges – many of your probably pay your provider £3.00 to £5.00 for the privilege of them sending you a bill, do you charge your customers £5.00 for invoicing them? L A Comms don’t charge anything for paper billing.


Administration Fee’s – If you need to change something on your account, it comes as part of the service, we do not charge administration fees.


Engineering Visits – You come into work one morning, only to find your telephone line is not working properly, or you’re Broadband. So you then call your provider, explaining the issue, at this point most telecoms providers will offer to book an engineer, but if the fault relates to your equipment, there could be a charge for the visit in excess of £125 per hour. This leaves you both panicked and confused as to where you can get support from. At L A Comms, if your report a fault and we feel there is a chance the fault relates to your equipment, we send a member of staff to site to check all your equipment, the at this point, having alleviated any chance of charges, we book you and engineer and update you accordingly, leaving you feeling confident in the process and support received.


How much better can the service be? – Most people feel their telephone line is not such an issue and the service they receive is adequate, however this all depends on if you have ever had a fault or had technical issues. At L A Comms if you are struggling to configure your broadband, we don’t send you away to fathom it out, we will come to your office and set it up for you, for free! 


If you have an issue with you telephone line on a Saturday morning, which stops your business taking card payments, we don’t expect you to wait until Monday to fix the problem, you Account Manager is available 7 days a week, at they will always deal with your issue that same day.


Hopefully the information provided in this news post, will allow business to be given a better understanding of the benefits and saving available from considering different business telephone providers, and maybe you’d consider allowing L A Comms to be one of them?


If you would like more detail on how your business could benefit from a smooth change to L A Comms and benefit from the points above please contact a member of our sales team on 0800 612612 9