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System Installation – Plan your engineering Visit & Telephone Line Requirments
13 Jun 2014 | 08:16

Plan your engineering Visit & Telephone Line Requirments


When it comes to having a telephone system installed, you have to have the one that suits your company’s needs. From choosing the telephone system you want (Samsung, Panasonic, NEC or Siemens) to the day of the installation, you need to be organised.


Having a telephone system installed can look (from the outside) like a time consuming operation, however if you have an organisation like L A Comms behind the installation you don’t need to worry.  From the first step to the last step we will be there; we will guide you on which telephone system best suits your needs right up to preparing for the installation of the telephone system.  L A Comms are there every step of the way, until the engineer say’s “right, that’s it, all done”.



Here are a few important steps to consider, preparing yourself, before choosing the telephone system perfect for you:-


  • Which telephone system? (Samsung, Panasonic, NEC or Siemens)
  • How many handsets do I need?
  • Do I want a voicemail function?
  • Do I want auto attendant?
  • Do I need an extra Business phone line?
  • Do I need extra cabling to accommodate the system?
  • Is there a certain time the office can only be accessed to complete the operation?


Something a lot of people do not thing about when ordering a new telephone system is the capacity of the lines in and extensions out.


For example, you may have an ISDN2 with 5 extensions.  You want to make sure the telephone system will cater for that, plus an additional ISDN2 and possible 2 to 5 extensions as a minimum just in case you take on extra staff. The last thing you want to do is purchase a new telephone system only for your business to grow out of it within the first year.


If you would like any more information or details on having a telephone system installed, then please contact 0844 776 7564. One of our highly trained customer service advisors would be more than happy to help you on your way.