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Office & Home Router - Security Issue
01 Apr 2014 | 16:24

Security failings in home and office routers are becoming more frequent after a collection attackers have began exploiting loop holes in their security systems.

In recent weeks, hacker’s have mounted on Linksys and Asus routers via loopholes that hackers could exploit.

In Poland, reports suggest one gang has successfully adjusted router settings in a bid to steal cash.

This month the Internet Storm Centre warned about a continuing attempt to exploit vulnerability in 23 separate models of routers.

The virus, called “The Moon” and takes control of the router, forcing the user to browser malicious sites and also uses it to scan for other vulnerable systems.

So far, wrote ISC researcher Dr Ullrich, it is unsure why routers are being compromised and what might be done with them, however we do know it relates to the DNS settings of the router been amended.

There are hints in the exploit code that suggests routers will at some point be gathered together into a network of compromised machines, he said in a blog post. Currently all the worm was doing was spreading to other routers.

Linksys has also published technical advice about how to update the core software for vulnerable routers and how to turn off the remote management feature; however our call technical support will assist further should you need any further support.

Asus have also released a software update last week to close the loophole.

There have been two instances where Poland's Emergency Response Team Computers reported a large-scale attack on home routers by thieves seeking log-in names and passwords for online bank accounts.

Research by Craig Young from Tripwire said exploits had been discussed and published for more than one-third of these devices.

Please ensure your home and office routers have the passwords set and remote access disabled, thus ensuring no risk is posed to your computer.