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Can You Buy Telephone System For Under £1000 ? - NEC or Samsung
18 May 2014 | 19:15

How to Buy a Telephone System for under £1000 - NEC or Samsung


Many businesses who approach L A Comms for a Telephone System, explain how they have been quoted by a number of other business communication 'specialist's'.


When we ask what they have been quoted for and the price, it never fails to amaze, how many customers are sold features and complexed Telephone Systems that simply are not needed.


We find that many customers anticipate their business Telephone System will be used for many purposes and therefore they buy additional features such as Auto Attendant, long range DECT phones, call logging software, only to wonder 6 months later, if was really needed?


Our advise to any small business, do not make the common/easy mistake of over engineering your businesses requirements. Always remember, your systems can have features added at a later date, as your business and staff levels grow. If you need 6 extensions because you "think" you might be taking on two more staff in the next twelve months, start with 4 extensions and buy the other handsets when you actually employee new staff.


As much as we recommend your business keeps its costs to a minimum, you must also have some idea of how much you are looking to scale your system up, over the coming years.


For example, if you buy a NEC SL1100 and use 90% of its extension capacity, you do not want be starting fresh the following year, just because you need another couple of extensions, that had not been anticipated when ordering your new NEC telephone system.


Map out your Telephone System requirements over the next 5 years regardless of whether your considering NEC SL1100 or a Samsung 7030, you do not need to buy all the equipment straight away, but make sure that when your adding a remote worker in 4 years time, you have checked your telecoms provider noted this as part of the sales consultation and therefore highlighted why your business would benefit from an SL8100 which supports IP phones in the future and has plenty of expandability, leaving you to simple add cards, licences and handsets to support that new employee.


If you know your business and its projected growth, your telecoms provider should be able to help you get started with a basic telephone system and a few handsets without breaking the bank, but if they are also prudent enough to understand you and your businesses anticipated growth plan, then the system will grow with you, but will only require you to spend money on it, when you want a new feature, headset, voicemail box auto attendant etc.


For more information on why L A Comms could help your business get started with a telephone system for less that £1000, please contact a member of our team, to allow our business to understand yours and provide a solutions that has longevity as its main consideration.


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