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Business Communications – The Benefit of NTS/Inbound Numbers.
27 May 2014 | 09:36

Business Communications – The Benefit of NTS/Inbound Numbers.


NTS Numbers are becoming increasingly popular to businesses. Small businesses want to look bigger, while larger companies are looking to advertise locally. NTS numbers, sometime known as “Inbound Numbers”, give your business options and freedom when it comes to business communications.


The benefit we often ask our customer to consider are the fact they are not limited to a certain area code, they can make money from specific inbound numbers or even offer free calls to improve the chances of encouraging customers to contact you, as 1 in 3 of us would rather call a free phone number.


Geographical NTS numbers, which are number with a local or national area code, give your business the option to choose any area code, ideal if your business wants to look like they are based in the city or further afield than the location of its office, this often helps target a wider target audience, regardless of the location of your actual business telephone lines.


We have clients who use inbound business telephone numbers from Huddersfield, Halifax, Manchester, Bury, Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford for their adverts in various directories and other advertising mediums.


Do you want to achieve the impression of a larger business?  Why not consider Non Geographical numbers such as - 0845/0844/ 0870


These allow the caller to contact your business, without knowing where you are based, many businesses feel this creates the perception of a large company, which is sometimes business critical, when trying to rival competitors.


Perhaps your business providers a premium support service, or receive calls which warrant generating revenue from the call?


We provide a range of premium numbers that allows your business to receive a percentage of the cost of the call.


Want to increase the chances of a sales enquiry? Why not offer your customers a 0800 number, that way your customers will be able to call you free of charge – often used for advertising, avoiding new customers do worrying about the call cost, remember 1 in 3 of us would rather call a free phone number, is this the difference between you and your competitor?


Are you a new business?


Unsure if you are going to stay in the same area? 


Moving office?


If you are unsure of your future location, NTS numbers will take a big weight off your shoulders, as they can be pointed through to any location when you move.


It takes a matter of minutes to change the end destination of your number. So once you are settled, a quick call and you can re point the number to you new business phone line.


Want any more information or advise on NTS/Inbound numbers or any other business communications – please do not hesitate to contact L A Comms on 0800 612 612 9