Major Changes Ahead for BT

In 2025 there are major changes to be made to BT and its services with them switching off two of the most important communication networks.

Announced a couple of years ago, BT intends to turn off the PSTN & ISDN networks, bringing to end the use of analogue phone lines and shift all business technology into an online space.

How does this impact your business communications?

It is anticipated that over 2 million UK Businesses will be directly affected by the switch off, the majority of these will be small-medium businesses. As part of the plans, those businesses will need to seek alternative methods to maintain communication coverage.

What happens next?

VoIP solutions are predominantly the most cost-effective solution moving forward, where those that have already made the switch are now seeing great benefits that have future-proofed their business. From removing the old technology, many businesses are now prepared for growth and development from the new communication methods.

What options are available to your business?

In terms of the options available to your business, SIP trunking has become one of the most popular options available. A SIP Trunk takes the current PSTN line via IP/Broadband and is an excellent replacement to ISDN. SIP Trunks have also become the medium to deliver VoIP services offering reliability, cost-savings, scalability and flexibility.

Will this save your business money?

Implementing a more effective communications method for your business can have significant cost savings. Every single communications company will tell your business how their products and services will reduce monthly telecom spend, however, in the case of SIP trunks, we can save your business money.

Whilst SIP trunks can save money on future scalability, call charges and equipment rentals, it’s also crucial to ensure that your business has the correctly graded broadband solution in place. Many communication providers will provide your business with lines and connectivity that does not come with any quality of service, which can cause issues further down the line. That’s why it’s important from the outset your business has the correct line and broadband package in place to benefit from SIP technology that is suitable for the future demand of your business.

If your business is unsure as to what steps are needed to take to future proof your businesses communication methods, arrange a consultation with one of our specialists today on 08447 767564 and let’s discuss ways in which your business can benefit from SIP technology.